Would gender equality help promote peace worldwide?
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  • Does violence fuel gender inequality, or gender inequality fuel violence, or both?
    • Poh Ching2/11/2014 When there is gender inequality, domestic violence had proven to happen, also during times of wars, females tend to be very adversely affected due to rapes and other physical as well as mental abuses. When internal conflicts occur, such adverse incidents also happen unfortunately.
    • Lily Nader30/10/2014 Hey Pia ! Violence and gender inequality are interrelated. A women mistreated by a man (the opposite case is also possible) amplifies the gender inequality between men and women. The woman unequal to the man might want to get her rights back and if nobody listens she would want to take revenge.
    • Ziyad El29/10/2014 hahah not at all. Gender equality means everyone shares the blame for war haha but what i am saying is things like access to opportunities (social, economic, educational, etc) get cut off to women in violent locations before they get cut off to men.
    • Pia Francis29/10/2014 Dear Ziyad, are you indirectly admitting that men are the source of violence and women are peaceful beings?
    • Ziyad El29/10/2014 I mean, gender equality wouldnt solve violence for sure. I am saying that violence hits women (and children) before it hits men usually.
    • Pia Francis29/10/2014 Hi Ziyad, maybe you are right but say we don't have gender inequality there would still be wars because this is purely related to human nature, regardless of sex or race.
    • Ziyad El29/10/2014 Hey Pia. Violence definitely fuels gender inequality: something as simple as walking down the street or going to school becomes unavailable to women first as soon as circumstances get "unsafe" in a location or region.
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