What does Peace mean ?
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  • Peace is the perfect balance between good & bad but to find peace with the others we should find peace in ourselves first. There's a Latin proverb : "Si vis pacem, para bellum" : If you want peace, p.repare for war. Do we need war to achieve peace or we can do like Mahatma Ghandi?
    • The Fast And The Furious.11/1/2015 YO BARRACK, You know it Bro, NASty aNd MEan, NEvER LEt THEm GEt THE UpPer HAND as PEoPLE!ITS INTERNAL GOVERNMENT LAW!
    • The Fast And The Furious.11/1/2015 Peace! Happiness, The Governments not lying about Anything to its people! Healing the Holmes Lands will always cause a greater chance in Peace! There wouldn't be wars! Governments, the all talk and bullshit everyday, everyone!We As People Have No Choice Of Freedom,GOVERNMENTS = Restrictive ARSEHOLE!
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