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  • religion causes wars, sufferings, we see conflicts between Jewish and Islamic, we see extremist attacks, the jihadists ... religion is a big problem ... UN to end the religions want peace with all ... ... without the barriers of religions .... we want the free world religions ... we want real peace
    • The Fast And The Furious.11/1/2015 Its not the religion on a Whole, its the safety Barriers inside its Writings, the Feeling of Safety and Sanction as the Leaders and Messengers weaved their way the Books. Religion is a great way to Feel worth and Reliability - Religion gives an Avenue For Violence its Proven!
    • Poh Ching27/11/2014 People start a war in the name of religion but religion itself does not cause war , neither are both equal to each other. Should it be simply the case of misusing the name of religion to create conflicts?
    • Daniel Johnson22/11/2014 I kind of agree with you on principle, but efforts to eliminate religion in a direct wave always been counterproductive. I believe that ending government support for religious institutions would definitely go a long way to ending the kinds of conflicts that are started by religious differences.
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